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French / Lille, France


French House producer, Sound Designer and Label Owner, my name is Julien and I’m Originally a musician (mainly guitarist) for 20 years, I switched in 2005 to electronic music production, more particularly house music production. I’ve around 120 EP released so far and I’ve been signed on Defected Rec as well dozens of others labels to become a regular charted artist.

I produce on very regular basis samples pack distributed on major samples stores.

My style is varied (Jackin house, Tech house, Underground house), but recognizable with groovy melodic bass lines and influences taken from various underground genres.

Each time, i start my Daw (Sequencer like Ableton Live), I try to focus about that unique sound i could create. Nevermind if that tune doesn’t fit the current standards or trends.

That’s why, i don’t have a particular « style ». I mean, i don’t know myself what is my Music,
Hehe. I just try through my Music to share a Sound, a Philosophy. It’s just about Electronic Music with Energy!